The LeadershipZone for better leadership

Get into the leadershipzone – practical tools and ideas you can use to improve your effectiveness as a leader or manager

the 6 LeadershipZone Themes

With such a complex area as leadership, how do you make resources easily accessible?  This was the question we asked ourselves – and we’d value your feedback too – as we see this as a ‘work in progress’ –

Theme 1.Your personal effectiveness: classic techniques such as delegation or time management to help you be more effective day to day
Theme 2.Your team effectiveness: applying your leadership styles to get the best from your team.  This is about ‘who you’re being’ as a leader; how to get in touch with the authentic you.
Theme 3.Leadership effectiveness: applying leadership skills and tools: the what and the how
Theme 4.Leadership communications: your written and spoken skills; using social media, your presentation skills – in meetings large and small
Theme 5.Creating a leadership culture: tools that create  a culture of people taking responsibility and being accountable.  How to create the environment that you need in which to be productive, positive, credible and professional.
Theme 6. Understanding yourself and others: looking at diagnostic and other tools that support leadership  and a leadership culture
The ‘success wheel’ model
Whichever theme you dive into, we can recommend a simple six-step process to getting the most out of the topic:
1. Clarify your direction: what you want from your learning.
Question: what does success look like?
2. Strategise your actions: you may need to prioritise one thing over another.
Question: what’s the most important thing to achieve first?
3. Identify and marshall your strengths: if you know what you’ve already got, it’s easier to bridge the gap.
Question: What internal and external resources are available to you to be successful in this?
4. Upgrade your skills: once you know what you’ve got, the gap becomes clear.
Question: what skills will most help you succeed in this?
5. Optimise your environment: be with people and in places that support your success.
Question: what do you need to surround yourself with, in order to be successful?
6. Master your psychology: so often just a simple change of attitude, openness to new ideas or willingness to flex our styles can make all the difference.
Question: what’s possible when you’re feeling positive, optimistic and success-oriented?


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