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Part of the resource we’re creating for you is a virtual library of recommended reading on leadership development, leaders, coaching, organisation development and other useful content.  We’ll also feature relevant books on our blog page, to put them into context.

This is a pilot and we’d love your feedback – especially as we learn how best to present the book reviews, audio interviews and clips we have lined up for you.

We’ll also be telling you about our Leadership Book Club – where you can join others to meet the authors, debate the books and discuss how to apply the learning into your world.

Full Disclosure: like many bloggers, we’re linking to Amazon’s products.  The difference is, we’re donating 50% of the profits to charities and humanitarian causes.

Here’s an example – for you to comment on.  Feedback on the review or the appearance is much appreciated!

A Whole New Mind – how to thrive in the new conceptual age

By Daniel H Pink

First published in 2008, this book remains relevant, even prescient, given our tumultuous economic times. Ten years ago, emotional intelligence (EQ) was a new concept.  On the agenda of many leadership development programmes, the concepts of this book extend those ideas and give thought provoking tips for leaders to succeed in changing times.

EQ skills are core to leadership and businesses need to see these as core to survival, even success. When Darwin talked about survival of the fittest, he wasn’t referring to physical superiority, and we are now in an age where definitions of “fittest” have shifted further.

Dan Pink argues that three social and economic forces are changing the way we need to use our brain.  Firstly, increasing automation: e.g. online legal advice; software that almost writes itself and virtual accountancy; secondly, the rise of Asian economies and thirdly abundance made possible by sustained growth. All these trends reduce the economic advantage of rational, logical, left-brained work.

Pink shows why left-brained thinking is not enough in the new world order; right-brained thinking was the passenger in the car driven by the left brain: it’s time to pull over and swap drivers. The good news is we all have the ability to develop our right brain and Pink shows us ways to achieve this. He argues that we need to focus on six new senses, all driven by the brain’s right side, that are taking over as important features in our personal and professional lives.

Investigation has linked the proportion of women at the top of successful organisations and profitability; it will be no surprise to Pink’s readers that this has more to do with right-brained thinking than gender.  Every leader and potential leader needs to read this book and grow their right-brain thinking for personal and professional benefit.


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