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Why is a Commanding Leadership style high-risk

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For the last twenty years I’ve worked in health and safety.  Today I spoke with one of our senior leadership coaches about a recent international tragedy.Forton Group Leadership Development Health & Safety at work

The leader in this situation was known for his autocratic and authoritarian style.  Unapproachable and commanding.  So when a major incident occurred, no-one spoke up to prevent or avert the disaster.

My colleague is coaching a cohort of talented leaders in this company.  They are stepping in to replace these old-style leaders.  Because their organisation has recognised the issue and is making major changes.

I’m not giving details because the exact situation doesn’t matter.  I’ve heard this story too many times now.  Across all the sectors I’ve worked for.

The players are different, the outcomes, tragically, remain the same.

In complex situations, where there is a culture of commanding or controlling leadership styles; a lack of trust and failure to delegate, people are at high risk.  Unnecessarily.

A commanding and controlling style of leadership is a significant underlying cause in all these situations.

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Why leadership coaching has outgrown GROW

    We had a great time last week working with business leaders, international consultants and HR professionals in developing their coaching skills.  Before people come on our workshops, the most common thing they ask is something like “I’ve already done some coach training – what’s so different about leadership coaching?”  The easy answer is “come and try it and find out” but there’s a longer answer too – something around the complexity of leadership, the impact leaders have, the need to engage effectively with, and deliver results through, others – for starters.

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Top ten leadership lessons from the summer of sport

For us Londoners, it’s been an amazing summer of sporting achievement.  Whether you remember the Queen apparently leaping from a helicopter, David Beckham racing up the Thames with the Olympic torch, or any one of the remarkable athletic achievements, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Some of the most profound lessons in leadership, for me, came from the Paralympic games.

There’s so much to learn from the courage, commitment and athleticism of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and here are the leadership qualities I saw.  Continue reading

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The LeadershipZone: better decision-making in complex situations

In the LeadershipZone, the leader’s role is to make decisions: often quite rapidly and with sub-optimum information or resources.   I’ve always been fascinated by decision-making: in this complex world, how can we make better decisions, faster and more often?

the role of leaders: deciding the direction

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