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Simpler Leadership – playing with infographics

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In a recent blog I wrote about investing time to make life easier and how impressed I was by the Lexi infographics for the London Paralympics.  It didn’t take long for the complexity of the different classifications to make sense thanks to the systematic and simple explanations given and infographics used.  I was even more impressed when I heard it took a team two years to deliver the Lexi system, led by Paralympic gold medal winning athlete, Giles Long.  This is leadership at its best – really taking the communication challenge seriously, and investing time to get your message across clearly.  I was so impressed I’ve been reading whatever I can on infographics to understand this art.

Here’s something I put together today, in preparation for a business-building teleclass I’ll be running at the weekend for people either starting out or growing a business.

I used a trial software called piktochart – and it took about 90 minutes.  If you’re interested in the teleclass – just click on the image for more details


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  Steve Jobs

It may feel like infographics are the responsibility of the design team, or the art department – but I believe that leaders have a responsibility to invest in communicating their messages simply and clearly.  As well as getting hooked on infographics, I’m also keen to find more great quotes about simplicity.  I’ve put a couple on the home page of the LeadershipZone website too – so if you come across a great quote on simplicity, please do let me know.  …and that piece of advice about using audio?  I’ll be piloting that on this blog in the coming weeks….


Author: Helen Caton Hughes

Leadership and Team Coach based on inspirational and practical tools. Works with leaders around the world; trains coaches to International Coach Federation standards. Passionate about finding best ways for leaders to inspire themselves and get the best from their teams

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